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Vogel Farms started in 1950 when Edís father, Edwin, and mother, Wilma, moved their family from Nebraska and settled in Kuna, Idaho. Edwin began to raise corn and hogs along with a small dairy and some beef cattle. Ed worked along side his father and through years of experience learned to raise the tastiest hogs in the Valley. Vogel Farms got out of the dairy business many years ago, but have continued to raise corn, hogs and beef.

Ed decided to make farming a career and eventually the farm was passed to him by his father. Ed settled in and started a family of his own. Before long Charlie, Ben, Janell and Jake were born. Through the 80's and 90's the kids helped Ed on the farm until they graduated from high school and went off to college. During this time Ed and Debi got married, and Debi began the adjustment of moving from the Seattle rain to the 4 seasons of Idaho.

Ed continued to farm, but it was apparent that this farm was much to big for one person to maintain. Fortunately Janell's husband, Chris, fell in love with farming and decided to switch careers to become a full time farmer with Ed.

Ed and Chris began to expand the hog operation and sell our Pork to Japan. The increase in hogs also increased the workload. The boys were either cleaning barns, grinding feed or tending to the hogs in one way or another. This allowed very little time to actually raise the crops. At one point we all sat down and decided it made sense for us to downsize. Houses were rapidly approaching, and although our pork is very tasty we knew that most folks do not appreciate the odor. We decided to make some major changes to Vogel Farms. We reduced the number of hogs we raised, began to raise a small herd of cattle and decided to directly market our meat locally. And so the idea for Vogel Farms Country Market was born!

Vogel Farms Country Market has evolved through the years. 2005 was our first year at the Kuna Farmers Market. Janell and Debi packed the Durango with a table, a few bedding plants, a freezer full of frozen pork and off to the market we went. We had to admit our first day at the market was a cold and windy spring day and we made a total of $4.16! Even after that we came back. As the summer went on our pork products did very well and we discovered that people wanted to buy our pork year round.

Ed and Chris fixed up around the farm, put up a few shelves, stocked the store with some "Made in Idaho" BBQ sauces and we were ready to go. Sales were slow but steady through out the winter and into Spring of 2006.

By summer of 2006, we began to offer beef. We were also able to offer a much larger selection of bedding plants; which were all started in our newly expanded greenhouse! As well we continued to sell sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers and green beans from our garden. We also began offering our Breakfast Sandwich at the Kuna Farmers Market. Ben and Chris are busy at the grill from the time we open the market at 9:00am until we close at noon.

Fall of 2006, we began to add crafts to our market. Debi is a "bead-o-holic"; and had made quite a bit of jewelry. She really had to start selling the jewelry before she could justify buying any more beads. And so it began - our gift store. Debi's aunt and cousin paint the plates, glasses and collectable ceramics, her friends make the quilts, receiving blankets, lavender bundles, hand blown glass and pot holders and daughter-in-law, Tori, makes baby blankets. Add all this up plus Debi's jewelry, handmade cards and other crafts we now have a nice gift shop where almost all the items are not only made in Idaho, but they are made by our family and friends.

2006 was also the year we began our partnership with Cabalo's Orchard and Gardens! In 2007 we began to help Cabalo's with their Pumpkin patch and they would help us with our Country Christmas, in 2008 we added the Apple Blossom Festival as well as the Corn and Pickle Festival. You will also see our booths side by side at the Kuna Farmers Market every Saturday Morning from May through September.

By changing our focus to selling our product direct to you, you can now buy Fresh from the Farm, local all natural; pork, beef, chicken and turkey. You will NEVER have to worry about where your meat came from or what it was fed. Our cattle are raised on pasture grass and grain, our hogs are raised on grain and the chickens and turkeys are raised on cracked corn and are free to roam through their barn and barnyard. The best part is that we even grow the grain that we feed them. There are no questions on what goes into our animals.

There are now 4 generations of Vogelís helping out at the Country Store and Farmers Markets and we are committed to delivering you the best, safest and tastiest meat in the Valley. (OK the 4th generation is a little small to actually be working other than just being CUTE!) But they are at the Kuna Farmers Market with us every Saturday!

Stop by Vogel Farms Country Market and get the quality you deserve, a taste of the country life, personal service and so much more.........

Ed, Debi, Chris, Janell, Mike, Matt, Ben, Tori, Devin, Jared & Myrt


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