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All of Vogel Farm's beef is born and raised on our farm located in Kuna, Idaho where we maintain a small heard of mother cows. The beef is raised on a combination of grass, corn and hay and allowed to mature at their rate not ours... All of their feed, from the pasture grass to the corn, is raised by us and we limit the number of cows per year to 24 head. Since our animals are never fed animal byproducts, antibiotics, hormones or secondary feed they are raised in as close to a natural environment as possible and not in a high volume feed lot. All our animals will always be treated with dignity and respect.


Since our beef is raised on a combination of grass, corn and hay the flavor and tenderness of the meat is “melt in your mouth tender”. All of our beef is USDA graded and inspected at Meridian Meat and Sausage, cryovac vacuum packaged and fresh frozen with NO additives. When you buy Vogel Farms Beef that is all you get just BEEF.


We also now offer Grass finished beef that has been raised on grass only.  Grass finished beef is much leaner than its counterpart, it also has a stronger richer flavor.  Due to its lean characteristic you have to pay special attention when cooking it. If not cooked properly it can be on the tough side.


The tenderness of the cut depends on where on the cow the cut comes from. Tougher cuts come from muscles that are used more in the movement of the animal, where the tender cuts come from less used muscles. But there are tricks to make the tougher cuts tender by the way they are cut when served or by marinating them for several hours to break down the fibers in the meat. (Recipes coming soon!)


The loin section of the cow is the most tender and containing the T-bone steak, and Tenderloin. The sirloin is less tender, but has more flavor. Some of our most popular cuts that go the fastest are Ground Beef, Brisket and Flank Steak.


Common cuts of beef.




  Cuts Offered
  Ground Beef & Lean Ground Beef
  Rib-Eye Steak
  T-Bone Steak
  Chuck Roast, Cross Rib Roast
and Chuck Steak
  Sirloin Steak
  Sirloin Tip Steak
  Round Steak
  Cube Steak
  Flank Steak (when available)
  Beef Ribs
  Roasts (Boneless)
  **Other cuts available with advance notice and upon request.**

*all prices are plus tax and subject to change

*shopping cart prices are average pack weight times price per lb and will differ from the actual bill




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