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Milk & Cheese

Dairy Products                       Ballard Cheese Products
bulletMilk - Raw

$4.59/half gal



bulletBlock Cheese - Holy Cow Baby Swiss

Average $4.25

bulletMilk - Skim

$2.65/half gal

bulletBlock Cheese - ID Jersey Gem

Average $4.25

bulletMilk - 1%

$2.65/half gal

bulletBlock Cheese - ID Jersey Dream

Average $3.75

bulletMilk - 2%

$2.65/half gal

bulletBlock Cheese - ID Pepper Cheddar

Average $4.25

bulletMilk - Whole

$2.65/half gal

bulletBlock Cheese - ID Golden Greek

Average $6.25

bulletMilk - Chocolate

$4.99/half gal

bulletBlock Cheese - Truffle & Salt Cheddar

Average $6.00

bulletBlock Cheddar Cheese
(approx 1.5lb to 2lb block)


bulletBlock Cheese - ID Danish Pearl

Average $5.00

bulletCheese Curds
(approx .5 lb bag)


bulletBlock Cheese - ID White Cheddar

Average $4.25

bulletCream - Pint


bulletCheese Curds - Dill Herb


bulletCream - Quart


bulletCheese Curds - Roasted Tomato & Basil


bulletIce Cream
(many flavors available - please call)


bulletCheese Curds - Hot & Spicy Pepper


Please give us a call or order by Thursday 6:00pm for pickup after Tuesday at noon.

Boise Milk also offers delivery to Ada & Canyon County customers, with a possible growth into other areas. If you are one of their normal delivery customers, you can also request to have our meat and products delivered to your door as part of your service. Please ask for further details.

bulletCheese Curds - Garlic & Pepper


bulletCheese Curds - Cool Ranch


bulletCheese Curds - Plain








*all prices are plus tax and subject to change





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