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Meat Subscriptions

Note: contents and programs are being modified

What is a Meat Subscription (CSA) – the meat CSA is very similar to the vegetable CSA where you get a variety of all natural meat on a monthly basis.   We offer beef, pork and chicken.  Farm Fresh eggs are also available. There are a few differences and they are as follows.

  • Our meat subscriptions are offered year round.

  • You pay monthly and the only requirement to stay in the program is to buy a packet each month.

  • We have 4 different packages ranging from $50.00 to $150.00 or you can choose the custom option. (There is a $60 minimum for all custom packages)

  • You are not locked into one specific size –You can change sizes with each month depending on your needs.

  • All subscription members will receive their “Customer Appreciation” Discount. You will receive $20 credit for each $250 you spend.




Benefits of the Meat Subscription (CSA):

  • As a subscription member you will have the opportunity to reserve your packet by placing your order at the first of the month before the meat is available to non-subscription holders. To ensure the quality of our meat is superior and the welfare of the animals is excellent, we limit the number of animals we raise thus limiting the amount of meat available.

  • Our subscription holders have a locked in price for the Fresh Thanksgiving Turkeys ($3.00/lb - 2012 price is $3.45/lb). *These prices may change each year.*

  • You will receive "freebees" throughout the year. Some examples are free bedding plants, in-season vegetables including sweet corn, herbs, tomatoes, and summer squash.

  • We are a member of Idaho Preferred - you will keep the dollars in Idaho!

  • You will be getting a healthy product raised 100 percent in Idaho and 100 percent natural. You will definitely taste the difference!

  • Our meat is fresh frozen without preservatives or saline solutions. We butcher monthly so your meat has not sat in a freezer for months.


Jumbo   $125.00  to $150.00
Large   100.00  to   115.00
Medium   75.00  to     85.00
Small   50.00  to     60.00

   50.00 to   150.00

Family Pack
Deluxe Pack

Each Subscription receives a Reusable Tote(s) to carry your meat in.

Want to sample our meat, before making a monthly commitment? Try our Meat Combos or Large Variety Packs




*all prices are plus tax and subject to change, along with the cuts included in the packages



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