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Vogel Farms raises our chickens on a diet of our NON GMO Corn, and Milo ground specially for the chickens. One of our prides in our production of the beef, pork, chicken and turkeys is we not only raise the animals so they are in our constant control. Our animals are never feed animal byproducts, antibiotics, hormones or secondary feed. It is our philosophy to raise all our animals in as close to a natural environment as possible and not in a high volume feed lot. We also believe that all animals should be treated with dignity and respect. The feed that all our animals eat is grown in our fields that you see as you drive down our lane.


We raise Cornish cross roasting chickens that are known for their meaty breast. Our chickens are raised naturally, cage free allowing them to roam around their barnyard. All of our poultry is processed at Home Grown Poultry located in New Plymouth and is approved for resale.

Chicken are available NOW!

We only raise 100 chickens every other month - so when they are gone you have to wait until the next flock is ready.

bulletVacuum Packed
bulletFresh Frozen
bulletNo Additives or Fillers
bulletNon-GMO Feed
bulletApprox 4 to 6 lbs

Whole Fryer Chicken

Average Pack - approx $15.75


bulletVacuum Packed
bulletFresh Frozen
bullet1 breast per package
bulletBone in/skin on
bulletNon-GMO feed
bulletApprox 2 lbs

Chicken Breasts

Average Pack - approx $9.50


bulletVacuum Packed
bulletFresh Frozen
bullet4/6 legs per package
bulletNon-GMO feed
bulletApprox 2 lbs

Chicken Legs

Average Pack - approx $6.70


bulletVacuum Packed
bulletFresh Frozen
bullet4 Thighs per package
bulletNon-GMO Feed
bulletApprox 2 lbs

Chicken Thighs

Average Pack - approx $7.80




bulletComing Soon!


*all prices are plus tax and subject to change

*shopping cart prices are average pack weight times price per lb and will differ from the actual bill

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