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Turkey Recipes


Our Turkeys for 2013 are sold out, however I always leave a buffer, which means I have about 15 birds that we save back in the event a coyote or other 4 legged friend gets into the birds before they are butchered.  If you want to be added to our waiting list please email us at Vogelfarms@vogelfarmscountrymarket.com and include your name, phone number and email so that we can contact you as soon as we know a bird is available for you.  Orders are taken as a first come first serve basis.  

Our turkeys are raised in Cabalo's Apple Orchards and are able to roam about freely among the trees. They enjoy a diet of freshly ground wheat and barley, melons and apples all raised locally on our Farms. These turkeys are 100% local; born, raised and processed in the Treasure Valley.

Think healthy this year and treat your family to the best tasting turkey in the valley. There are a limited number available so order your turkey today:

bullet$3.95 per pound
bullet$30 down payment with your reservation
bulletSales Tax and Delivery fees will be additional to our prices. Sales Tax and Delivery Fees (if applicable) will be charged at pickup (Nov 23, 25, 26 or 27).
bullet Delivery fee: $TBD per pound
bullet Boise Milk customers, please contact Boise Milk to order and for their payment requirements - Thank you.
bulletThis year instead of an exact weight, we will be doing ranges. Example - you want a 17lb turkey - choose the 17 to 22 pound range. When you arrive, we will give you a turkey in that range. So a 17 pound turkey at $3.95 per pound is $67.15 plus sales tax ($4.03). We will take a $30 down payment upon reservation of the turkey and the balance is due at pickup ($41.18).

Thank you for supporting your local family farms!

Special Notes about our Turkeys:

bullet"Dressed" means the turkey is defeathered and prepared similar to what you would find in a store, with gizzards.
bulletA fresh, never frozen, turkey will cook in about half the time a thawed prior frozen turkey cook in.
bulletFresh turkeys will remain safe in a refrigerator for 10 days from processing date, then they must be frozen.




How do I order?

bulletGo to the bottom of this page
bulletClick on the "Reserve Now" button of the turkey that you would like
bulletIf you would like a different type turkey, click "Continue Shopping", it will take you back to this page
bulletRepeat the same process on each additional turkey you would like to order.
bulletOnce you are done ordering, enter any comments if needed, then "Go To Payments"
bulletEnter your contact information, pickup or delivery option and desired pickup date, agree to the terms
bulletClick "Continue"
bulletThe amount due is always the the largest in the range - however the final cost is based on Actual Weight
bulletSelect your desired payment method (please remember to provide a credit card, it is secure)
bulletClick "Continue"
bulletThank you for your order, if you have any questions or problems during the process, please do not hesitate to call us (208-466-6928).

We have a space for Notes and Special Requests. Please feel free to use this space for questions as well or you can call us at (208-466-6928).


Options $3.95 per pound of actual weight
Frozen - Smaller

No longer taking Reservations for this size

Fresh - 13 lbs to 17 lbs

No longer taking Reservations for this size

Fresh - 15 lbs to 20 lbs

Fresh - 17 lbs to 22 lbs

Fresh - 20 lbs to 25 lbs

Fresh - 22 lbs to 27 lbs

Fresh - 25 lbs to 30 lbs

Fresh - 27 lbs and larger

Smoked Turkey   




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