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    Order your 2014 FRESH Thanksgiving Turkey Now!   

We raise the Best Quality and tasting Turkey in the Treasure Valley.  Our birds are raised all naturally and fed all NON GMO feed.  We raise all of the grains, Non GMO Corn, Barley, Wheat and Milo, here on our farm in Kuna Idaho.  Our Turkeys are never fed antibiotics as part of their daily diet or growth promoting agents such as arsenic. We believe in keeping the food we eat and sell as natural and wholesome as possible

In 2008 Cathy Cabalo and I "hatched" the idea of our two farms raising the turkeys together in partnership. When we told our husbands of our grand scheme we got a couple of eye rolls..... Little did they know!

Our first year we started out with 100 birds and we are projecting that we will sell 400 Turkeys this year. The best way to guarantee you will get a FRESH thanksgiving Turkey is to reserve your Turkey NOW!

All of our Turkey's start out in the Brooders at Vogel Farms in June until they are large enough to enjoy the open pens and orchard where they get to roam about freely.  They enjoy a diet of freshly ground wheat, corn, barley, milo supplemented with melons and apples all raised locally on our Farms. These turkeys are 100% local; born, raised and processed in the Treasure Valley.

Think healthy this year and treat your family to the best tasting turkey in the valley. There are a limited number available so order your turkey today:

Options $4.25 per pound of actual weight
Frozen (we will have whole frozen birds or breast, legs, Thighs available August 2014)

Fresh - 13 lbs to 17 lbs

Sold Out

Fresh - 15 lbs to 20 lbs

Fresh - 17 lbs to 22 lbs

Fresh - 20 lbs to 25 lbs

Fresh - 22 lbs to 27 lbs

Fresh - 25 lbs to 30 lbs

Fresh - 27 lbs and larger

Smoked Turkey   



Turkey Recipes


  • Our Turkeys are Fresh, never Frozen
  • $4.25 per pound
  • A $30.00 down payment with your reservation
  • EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Order your turkey and pay your $30.00 down payment by September 1st, 2014 and you only pay $3.95 per pound!
  • Boise Milk Customer please contact Amber at Boise Milk 208-562-8885
  • Order by size range
  • Delivery available for additional fee
  • Your turkey will arrive ready to cook "de-feathered and cleaned"
  • Giblets are included
  • Fresh Turkeys cook much faster, check our recipe for instructions
  • Turkeys must be used or frozen within 10 days of butchering