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Large Cookies-Half Dozen

Large Cookies-Half Dozen

Fresh made to order cookies are available during our regular business hours (Wed through Saturday 10 to 5) to ensure your cookies are fresh and made to order we need at least 24-hour notice. 

Our cookies are  made with farm fresh cream and eggs. They are so good they will melt in your mouth. Our cookies are a great gift for any occasion or just a great treat for you and your family.

  • Ordering instructions:

    You will have two options for each type of cookie.  The first  option is just the cookies in a nice bakery box with ribbon and a bow.  The second option will be the cookies placed on a decorative plate or container.  The second option is perfect for a gift or party. 

    If you need cookies on Monday or Tuesday when we are closed we can accommodate you if you call us at 208-466-6928 and we can make arrangements. 

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