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If you are looking for that perfect gift, we have you covered at Vogel Farms with our "Idaho Inspired" Gift Packs that are full of "goodness" from Idaho and our Farm.  Our gifts are brimming with everything Idaho is famous for such as Huckelberry products, Meat, Cheese, Mustard, Jams and Jellies all from Idaho's bounty.  Idaho is not just about food, have gifts filled with bath products that are specially crafted for Vogel Farms.  We have one of the largest selections of huckleberry products, from Candy, Jam, baking mixes, soap products and candles.  If you want to give a little Idaho - we are your one stop shop! If you want to send some of Idaho's bounty, check out our Gift Packs that are designed to be shipped.

We have several pre-designed Gift Packs that are ready for you to pick up or have us send or deliver.  You can choose from Savory and Sweet, All Huckleberry, or a mixture of, Bath and Beauty products.  But all of our gift packs are "Idaho Inspired".

You can also send fresh baked goods from our Kitchen.  We are known for our delicious scones and yummy cookies.  We have several Gift Packs that include our scones and a Vogel Farms Jam crafted to complement our scone flavors. Cookie plates and gift packs are also available. 


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