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Smoked Ham

You will not be charged for your meat at the time you place your order online.  Once we receive your order, we will pull the beef, weigh it and send you an invoice. You can pay the invoice online or when you stop by the store to pick up your order.   

Our hogs are raised on a diet of GMO-free corn-based feed mixed with vitamins and minerals We grind and mix their feed right here on the farm.  It is our philosophy to raise all our animals as close to a natural environment as possible and not in a high-volume feed lot.  We also believe animals should be treated with dignity and respect.  The pigs are raised outside with access to a barn.  We only raise about 5 or 6 at a time so they always have plenty of room to roam. 

We are committed to maintaining high standards in raising our animals so you can feed your family and friends only the highest quality of Pork from Vogel Farms.  We are also devoted to offering our products at the most affordable price possible.

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