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Vogel Farms Special Blend Sausage $ 5.79/lb

Vogel Farms Special Blend Sausage $ 5.79/lb

Our special blend sausage is a roubust breakfast sausage with a slight a touch of Italian seasoning.  It is perfect paired with eggs and hashbrowns for a morning breakfast when used in Lasagna or  spaghetti for dinner  


  • Our sausage is processed so there will be spices, smoke or other preserving techniques. Our butcher uses the least amount the preservatives falling within the USDA guidelines.


* GMO free

* Lean

* Vacuum packed

* Fresh Frozen

* 100 % GMO Free diet

* Most Feed is raised at Vogel Farms


  • Meat Pricing

    Average size and price per package =1.75 lbs@ $5.79 = $10.13

    The total price of the meat will NOT be charged on this order, it will show up as $0.00.  Once your order is placed your meat will be pulled and weighed and you will receive an invoice from Vogel Farms with the total cost of your meat order based on actual weight.

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