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Tri-Tip Roast $8.99/lb

Tri-Tip Roast $8.99/lb

The Tri-Tip roast is a triangle roast cut from the tip of the Sirloin.  This roast is full flavored and quite marbled and tender perfect to Roast in the oven, or smoke on the grill.


Vacuum packed

Fresh Frozen

No Additives, Preservatives or Fillers

Only Fed Grass, Hay & NON GMO Grain

All Feed is raised at Vogel Farms


  • Meat Pricing

    Average size and price per package = 2.5lbs @ $8.99 = $22.50

    The total price of the meat will NOT be charged on this order, it will show up as $0.00.  Once your order is placed your meat will be pulled and weighed and you will receive an invoice from Vogel Farms with the total cost of your meat order based on actual weight.

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