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Vogel Farms Meat Subscription.

Vogel Farms Meat Subscription program makes it easy for you to enjoy farm fresh, GMO free meat and eggs plus enjoy your 10% discount.  You will have access to Farm Fresh all-natural NON-GMO Beef, Pork, Chicken, Turkey and eggs on a monthly basis. As a subscription member you not only get a 10% discount, but you will have access to “members only” discounts. Your orders will be handled on a priority basis as you get the opportunity to place your orders in advance to ensure the cuts of meat you want are available. You also have first opportunity to reserve those hard-to-find cuts such as flank steak and brisket.

How does the Meat Subscription work?
  • Our meat subscriptions are offered year round

  • You pay monthly and the final price is based on actual weight

  • Most of our members opt for the custom package but we will choose the package for you, just give us the amount you want to spend, and we can put together a variety pack.

  • The minimum requirement is $100.00 per month but you are not limited to any specific amount. It is all based on your needs for the month. There is NOT a monthly fee, just a commitment to spend $100 or more per month on Meat or eggs.

  • All members will receive the 10% discount—you will receive $20.00 off for every $200.00 you spend

  • You will receive an email, text or call with any specials or a reminder to place your order.

  • As a subscription member you will have the opportunity to reserve your meat pack by placing your order at the first of the month so that we can fill your order. To ensure the quality of our meat and the welfare of our animals we limit the number of animals we raise per year, this can result in us running out of specific cuts periodically. Being a subscription member will give you a better chance in reserving these popular cuts.

  • You can include all meat, eggs and cheese toward your meat pack total, but you get the 10% discount on everything in the store, including gifts and gift packs.

  • You will receive discounts on tickets to our events and classes.


How do I sign up?

It is easy to sign up!


In person:  
When you stop by the farm to place your order, you let us know that you are interested in signing up for a subscription.  We will take your name, address, email, and phone number and walk you through the process of picking out your monthly meat.  You can choose the same order each month or change things up every month.  Again, it is your choice.



If you are online all you need to do is place on order like any order, however, write that you are signing up for a subscription in the comment field.  You will complete your order and when you pick up your meat, you will receive your subscription Membership card and customer appreciation card.


By Phone:

If you cannot make it to the farm and you are not comfortable signing up online, then you can give us a call and we can take you information over the phone and sign you up.


Once you sign up and purchase your first order, then you will receive a welcome email.  We ask that you respond to this email.  We want to ensure that you will receive your monthly email so that you are aware of the specials we are offering for the month.

Join the Club and Start Saving

Thanks for joining!

Benefits of a Meat Subscription
  • Subscription Members always get priority status when ordering Turkeys

  • You will receive “freebees” throughout the year ranging from bedding plants, seasonal vegetables, fresh herbs and more.

  • We are a member of Idaho Preferred—you will keep the dollars in Idaho

  • You will be getting a healthy product, 100 % raised in Idaho GMO Free, Farm Fresh, 100 % good! You will definitely taste the difference

  • Our meat is fresh frozen without preservatives or saline solutions. 

  • We will delivery your order for $15. Regular delivery charge is $20.

* Please note: Our Bacon and Sausage does contain preservatives and added spices.  

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