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Herb Plants



We have been busy in our greenhouse getting ready for “garden planting” season!   This year we have expanded to over 20 varieties of 1st year perennials and over 50 annuals just waiting for you to use to adorn your gardens!   But we cannot live with beauty alone – we have one of our biggest and best selections of vegetable starts.  If you are looking for lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, summer and winter squash, cucumber, several types of tomatoes, several colors of peppers and a huge selection of herbs, we have it all!    We have everything you need to start your summer vegetable garden.  The best part is our flat rate of $2.75 per 4 Pack or 4 inch pot. We also have mixed 4 packs of lettuce, peppers, squash, tomatoes and herbs.   Who wants to buy 4 green pepper plants when you can buy a 4 pack that has green/red, yellow, white and purple?  Not many people want 4 zucchini plants, but we offer a 4 pack mix of 2 green, 1 yellow and 1 crock neck.  You can get mixed 4 packs of slicing tomatoes and roma’s or a selection of winter squash.  We are always here to help you decide what to choose to put in your garden and give you a little history of each type of plant and why we choose it to include in our greenhouse.


All of our plants are started by seed right here on the farm.  We have over 8 years of experience in choosing the perfect varieties of flowers and vegetables that thrive in our climate.  Along with many of our “old favorites” we always try a few new flowers.  We not only expanded our vegetable and herb selection but we have added to our selection of our perennials and annual flowers this year.   We have added additional greenhouse space to accommodate our increase of plants.


Cathy Cabalo and I start planning our greenhouse shortly after the last Thanksgiving turkey is picked up.   We pour through the seed web pages beginning the list of flowers and vegetables we plan to grow.  We review our list several times cutting it down to a reasonable number of plants.  Once the seeds have been ordered and arrived Cathy Cabalo and I normally begin working in our greenhouse by January, but this year it was snowed shut so the work did not Start until February. By the the first of May we are ready to open with a huge selection of bedding plants that will be ready for you to take home for your summer garden.


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