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Cheese Curds
  • Cheese Curds

    * Garlic and Herb

    A light taste of Garlic mixed with a kick of Italian herbs make these cheese curds a taste sensation


    * Roasted Tomato and Basil

    A The zesty taste of roasted tomatoes with the highly fragrant peppery taste makes these a winner


    * Pepper and Garlic

    A combination of the hot and spicy pepper blend with a touch of garlic to enhance the flavoring of these tasty cheese curds.


    * Hot and Spicy

    A bold blend of hot and spicy peppers adds zest to these cheese curds.


    * Plain

    Classic squeaky cheese curds have a light and creamy flavor and are always a great treat for snacking.


    * Dill

    A taste of Dill enhances the flavor of these cheese curds.


    * Boise Milk

    Squeaky cheese, but this time they are yellow with mellow cheddar taste.

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