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Chicken - Wings $4.29/lb

Chicken - Wings $4.29/lb

Our chicken wings are 4 to 6 per package.  Great for a party, our wings are large and meaty.


Our chickens are fresh frozen and have NO additives. They will have a different texture than the ones you get at the store. When you buy chicken in the store it will have up to 12 percent saline solution injected in them to plump the meat up as well as tenderize the bird. We also recommend that you brine your chicken prior to cooking it as well as make sure you do not overcook the bird or the meat may be tough.


  • All chicken is butchered and processed at Meridian Meat packers
  • All meat is USDA inspected
  • All cuts are vacuum packed
  • Meat Pricing

    Average size and price per package = 2.5 lbs @ $4.29 = $10.72

    The total price of the meat will NOT be charged on this order, it will show up as $0.00.  Once your order is placed your meat will be pulled and weighed and you will receive an invoice from Vogel Farms with the total cost of your meat order based on actual weight.

Excluding Sales Tax
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